the right ingredients

for the right food


Just the Right Food

Our seasonal mediterranean dishes have been specially selected by our chefs  to bring you a modern taste. The menu boasts dishes from every part of the Mediterranean for all times of the day. Our breakfast and lunch consist of a variety of healthy choices that would sure to get you up early to come and enjoy your morning here with us!

As for the afternoon and evening we bring you some of the well know classics, alongside our homemade dishes. Check out our menu for the latest in speciality cooking.

Building A Strong & Sustainable Community!

All of the ingredients we use to bring you a diverse selection of dishes have been locally sourced, we believe in building a strong community that uses as much locally sourced goods as possible, this is why we go out of our way to bring you some of the best our local community has to offer.

Home Made Burgers

Our home-made Kofte Burger, just a bit pink in the middle, barbecue-grilled and served in a bun with your own choice of toppings, is very, very hard to beat. But the burger has to be right – good lean meat, marinated with herbs, well aged, and minced not too fine. If you haven’t tried our Kofte Burger you haven’t had a real burger yet!

Guest Reviews

  • The ideal spot for any occasion, Rakkas Restaurant serves dinner seven nights a week, we absolutely love this place.

    John Deacon
  • The menu, organized by category, and complemented with corresponding savory sauces, guides diners to eating out bliss. Definitely the best choice!

    Marta Piszczynska
  • A charmingly original restaurant in a neighborhood full of restaurants serving the same dishes. Our dish was drop-dead delicious with lots of ingredients making every entree an experience.

    Sylvia Helliwell

The Garden

Recently renovated, the garden with its own heating system and tent for the rainy days boasts a 130 seat area where you could enjoy our delicious food or shisha. It is the perfect hideout for chilling out or having a meeting in. You will occasionally find a backgammon tournament amongst other social entertainment.